Sound Factory

Visit the Sound Factory on the upper floor of the Concert Hall: let the bells of Bruges chime, or work with samples and sounds to create your own compositions. The roof of the Lantaarntoren not only commands a unique view across the historic city centre, but also gives you the opportunity to experiment with bells and sounds to your hearts’ content.


In the Sound Factory, you can get creative with sound and develop your own compositions. Other notable installations are the Omni and the Kilo Ohm. The Omni, by Patrice Moullet, is like a giant beat box that produces a wide range of sounds. Erwin Stache’s Kilo Ohm consists of six vertical pillars that make different sounds when you ‘play’ them in a certain way or if other people join in with your composition.


With the Lantern Tower, contemporary culture and architecture now has its place in the Bruggemuseum, while its location links it to the more historical buildings and collections. From the Lantern Tower, visitors can look out over the city centre with its interesting roof architecture and street patterns. Inside, the Sound Factory and various installations reflect the Concert Hall’s core activity: music and sound art.


The Lantern Tower has only been a part of the concert hall for a short while. The building, designed by architects Robbrecht and Daem, opened its doors in 2002, when Bruges was the European Capital of Culture. There will therefore always be a connection and it will remain a symbol of contemporary architecture in Bruges.

This is the Bruggemuseum’s newest location, housed in the Lantern Tower of the concert hall. Devoted to contemporary culture and architecture in a historic city, the Sound Factory - Lantaarntoren invites you to look at the centre of Bruges today. The playful roof architecture and street pattern of the World Heritage city centre is literally spread out beneath your feet. Inside the tower is the Sound Factory, a brand new music museum. Here, you can create city sounds through interactive sound art. The sound of chiming bells is also integrated into the pattern of sounds, creating a direct link to the other Bruggemuseum buildings and collections.